Devcrowd 2014

Some weeks ago me and Łukasz went to Szczecin in purpose to take part in DevCrowd'14, local software development conference. Szczecin is not far from Poznań, but required from us to get up early. The conference is getting better year by year. Also more partakers went ( some more informations. I had the pleasure to listen to following talks:

1. "Designing API for Mobile App" by Maciej Opała i Wojtek Erbetowski

Speakers were describing they way of solving problems with API used in mobile applications created by they company. They started with some introduction to REST architecture and went through some problems they solved. I know that this talk is to be on Geecon conference, so i recommend to go there or just watch it later online.

2. "StackOverflow, GitHub i twitter jako narzędzia profesjonalnego rozwoju programisty" by Jacek Laskowski

Jacek, as always, had an amazing talk. This one was somehow unusual. He described the adventages of using actively following tools: StackOverflow, GitHub and Twitter. Stackoverflow is for him a way to perform continous learning. He spends some time every day for answering questions on a topic chosen by him. Also there is some kind of gamefication, what is important for him. In case of Github i remember part when Jacek was talking that best representation of programmer is his own code. I realy liked that one talk.

3. "Programista to za mało" by Bartłomiej Nićka

The talk was about programmers career grow. He claimed that being simple code maker is not enough. Programmers should aim more to clients and usability of applications than just creating code. They should become software developers, somehow new level of their being. I agree with him in some way.

4. "How To Tackle Java EE 7" by Adam Bien

I was really disappointed about that presentation. It was remote, but that was not a problem. Problem was in complexity of that presentation. I expected something more than simple CRUD application, that are many on his youtube channel.

5. Jak nie zwariować by Koziołek

He made really nice summary of tools that we, as programmers, use every day. Starting from choosing good keyboard, to configuring properly IDE and through buying comfortable chair. I liked his idea of making chair just for himself.



And We enjoying presentation:)