Founding of the company

Apilia Marciniak-Parchimowicz Sp. J. was founded through joining of „Sumum” Adam Parchimowicz and „Imano” Jakub Marciniak which have existed on the IT market for several years. The companies tightly cooperated since the beginning by working together on their projects and gaining new customers. Dynamic growth of both companies was a crucial factor in the decision of formally joining the two businesses in a unlimited company. The growing amount of projects and market's requirements have led to choosing this legal form of partnership.

We exist as Apilia since two years, but our history reaches further. Co-founders have met in college and since then have decided to start together in the IT business. Due to the fact that starting and running a company as "działalność gospodarcza" was much easier they have decided to begin this way. After a few years of working as two formally independent subjects it was time to unite under a single brand.

Although formally Apilia is a separate enterprise it is run by the same people. That's why you'll find references since before forming of Apilia in our references tab